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www.uptownmag.com diversions UPTOWN October 11, 2012 19 The Internet is forever And Embarrassing Nightclub Photos is a rude reminder of that fact www.alloneword.ca Anthony Augustine www.embarrassingnightclubphotos.com — Before the advent of social media, club photographers and smartphones, you could go out and party with your friends, get as trashed as you wanted and feel confident in the fact that you wouldn't remember what hap- pened in the morning and there would be no evidence—except for maybe some mystery puke at the side of your bed or some phone numbers you don't remember getting. That's all changed. Embar- rassing Nightclub Photos is packed with photos people wish were never taken. Embarrassing Nightclub Photos bit.ly/Ibiza_series — Simon Cowell's reality TV DJ competition is apparently dead in the water after the mega-producer and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith (the celebrities involved) couldn't come to terms. Not exactly sure what the Smiths have to do with DJ culture — wouldn't have DJ Jazzy Jeff been a better choice? In any case, if you're looking for a DJ competition, Burn's new documentary series, which follows 11 aspiring DJs trying to win a residency in party paradise, Ibiza, has recently gone online. The 11 contestants will work with mentors such as Luciano, Jamie Jones, 2ManyDJs and Sasha. "Beatport is proud to support Burn Studios in Ibiza this season with their inspiring program," says Clark Warner, execu- tive creative director. "Having met all the finalists earlier in Ibiza, it's clear that everyone had the drive, talent and passion to be in the final stage. Now we all get to watch the story unfold on what is surely an experience of a lifetime for any DJ." Warner currently works with online music store Beatport, and had formerly been Richie Hawtin's right-handman at the DJ's Plus 8 and Minus labels, so you knowhe's going to do his best to create something interest- ing to watch without relying on clichés, but also make sure the most deserving DJs wins the residency. Burn Studio's Ibiza Residency Series bit.ly/desaparecidos_live — Conor Oberst's (Bright Eyes) little- knownside project, Desaparecidos,has gotten back together after a lengthy hiatus. Recorded 10 years ago, its under-appreciated debut, Read Music/Speak Spanish, tackled the ills of modern America, the failure of urban expansion and suburbia, consumerism and even drone warfare. The band is releasing a two-song seven-inch which it recently performed from on Carson Daly. Protest music for 2012. Video of the Week: Desaparecidos – MariKKKopa and Backsell vimeo.com/imissdrugs—I Miss Drugs is a brilliant newweb series that plays around with themes of getting old and boring, becom- ing less hip and more domesticated. It's a revealing look at the path many late 20-somethings and early 30-somethings are headed down if they aren't careful. Video of the Week: I Miss Drugs writer. He can be heard every Tuesday morning at 8:55 a.m. on Hot 103 chatting about the web. Got a site you think he should see? Email him at anthony.alloneword@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter. com/anthonya. Anthony Augustine is a freelancemusic, technology and pop culture 1 17 20 23 28 33 34 35 36 43 47 51 56 60 61 62 71 76 80 84 88 89 98 104 107 ACROSS 1 Synchronized swimmer Carolyn 19 Sweatshirt with a top 20 Like a dead dragon 21 Deduces 22 Boom time 23 Apprehensions 25 Cat chorus 27 Exit sign illuminator 28 Produce children, biblically 30 La Femme ___ 33 Last NHLer to wear glasses on the ice 6 Owner of Chapters 12 Tumbler 17 Crosswise on a ship 18 Three Days of the ___ (Robert Redford) ___ 90 99 100 101 105 108 63 72 77 81 85 91 92 102 73 78 82 86 93 103 106 109 105 Trip to the store, e.g. 106 To the max 107 Stop, at sea 108 Bluegrass musician Ricky ___ 109 Inexpressive DOWN 1 Used to be, biblically 40 Pinnacles 43 Vessels 44 Notices 46 Biblical prophet 47 League category? 48 Early arrivals 50 IGA or A&P 51 Mediate 53 Most limber 55 ___ you tell me! 56 French alternative 58 Big mug 60 Railway company that con- nected the provinces 37 Olympic torch lighter Steve ___ 90 Bush successor 93 1979 Trooper album (2) 98 Prepares chestnuts 101 House portrayer 103 Amassed a bar bill (2) 104 Stick 67 Part of GATT 71 Bicycle thief stopper (hyph.) 73 Shane author Jack ___ 75 Squall 76 Tolled 78 Authentic 79 Article of faith 80 Greeted a general 82 Get together 83 Rivers run through them 84 Tyrant 86 The real ___ (genuine article) 88 Grp. that stands on guard for Canada 63 Lofty structure built by a railway company (2) 2 Competent 3 Tilt 4 Orator's stage 5 Anthology 6 Cake topper 7 Tommyrot 8 Poor racing result 9 The same, in a footnote 10 Quayle successor 11 Mr. Bean of Broadway 12 Elephant party of the USA 13 Fortune 14 Devotion 15 Produce children 16 Fire off an email 19 Prepared corn 24 Not 'neath 26 Expert 29 Finishes wrapping 31 Flustered (3) 32 Windshield option 33 Org. or assn. 34 Womanizer 35 Largest chemical company in the world 36 Catch-all category 38 Airhead 39 Next in line 41 Deli purchase 42 Scads Y E A S T U N R E A D C A M E R A K C A R Y T D P E R R Y U F O R I T A 44 Constructs 45 Six, in Seville 48 Philadelphia founder 49 Crossword creator, in Britain 52 Bird bashers? 54 Burn a bit 57 Cut of ham 59 Country and river in Africa 60 Recipe amounts 61 Guilty or not guilty 62 Author of Charlie &The Chocolate Factory (2) 65 Lessen 66 Adjust a skirt length 68 Wolf's tooth 69 Leave the scene 70 Coagulates 72 Hint for Hercule 74 Attractive 77 Unseat 79 Chain store for kids (3) 81 Driver's license info 83 Understood 85 Folklore 87 Sorority sisters 88 Without luster 89 Junction point 91 X, e.g. 92 Ambience 94 Put a stop to 95 Aware of a scheme 96 Change directions 97 Fix Fifi 99 Labrador, e.g. 100 Take a shot 102 Cleaning cloth Last Puzzle Solved A R M S S A V A N T C N E T H U S P O S T A L C O D E T I M E M E E T A S T I G L O S S E D E E R I N E S S D A N C R E E P S E E S I V Y S L O P I N G O R A N G E N E C T A R A P E L I K E R U S T F I N E L U N D Y S L A N E C H A R O O Z E W E E D G I L L F O O D S M A R D I S T E V E S A N D I E A B O U N D #0196 L I N E A G E R I M C H I C A Y A H T Z E E M I N E T E A K B U S Y C A U S E W A Y G R A N O L A T R I X S C I B A T B O N N E R J O Y B A T E S P H O B I A H O L L E R G L E S S M A B E N A H C O W R Y P O E M 64 ___ Dunnit (Ernie Kovacs segment) 87 94 95 96 97 83 37 44 48 52 57 64 65 66 74 79 53 58 67 75 2 3 Puzzle #197 • By Brian Paquin •www.cancross.com 4 Brian's Canadian Crossword 5 6 18 21 24 29 38 39 45 49 54 59 68 69 70 25 30 40 46 50 55 26 31 32 41 42 7 8 9 10 11 19 22 27 12 13 14 15 16 by Jonathan Ball, Registered Fraud www.jonathanball.com Haiku Horoscopes Aries (March 21 - April 19) In a perfect world There would be no one else whose Fortune I could tell Taurus (April 20 -May 20) Let passion guide you To your career of choice in Dog society Gemini (May 21 - June 20) U.S. election Season seems no replacement For hockey so far Cancer (June 21 - July 22) The raccoons accept You as one of their own—the End of your long quest Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) Your plan is going Perfectly... Soon you will buy That second doughnut Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) Autocorrecting These hubcaps swingsets like a Grand inventory (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)Libra The days of vaudeville Will return—good news for you Zombie vaudeville acts (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)Scorpio If anyone starts A zombie vaudeville stage show Then I want a cut (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)Sagittarius Burlesque performance Will become a true art when You stop performing Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) Stand up for yourself And stop letting physics tell You what you can do (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)Aquarius Your passport photo Of you murdering someone Just seems suspicious Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) You hurt both yourself And the nation when you run Your cat for mayor

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