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www.uptownmag.com diversions Bring the warehouse party into your home Boiler Room is offering up streaming DJ performances from dance music's best www.alloneword.ca Anthony Augustine boilerroom.tv—More than just a collection of streaming video sets recorded at intimate locations in London, Los Angeles, Berlin and NewYork, Boiler Room is channeling the old-school vibe of the small, sweatywarehouse parties that are at the heart of dancemusic culture. Featuring DJ performances ranging from hot up-and-comers such as Lazer Sword to veteran superstars such as Richie Hawtin to anything- goesNewOrleans'bounce performers such as NickyDaB,BoilerRoom is like on-demand pirate radio for the web. Even Pulp frontman Jarvis Cockerwas caught on camera checking out one of the events recently. Boiler Room www.chicagomusicexchange.com/100riffs/ — Ripping through a hundred riffs in just over 12 minutes, Alex Chadwick from the Chicago Music Exchange takes a pretty serious romp through the history of rock 'n' roll. Sure, there are some riffs that he missed (no BTO?), but he covers a lot of ground, from early stuff such as Chet Atkins'Mr. Sand- man to The Beatles' Helter Skelter right through to Michael Jackson's Beat It,Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit and The White Stripes'instant- ly recognizable Seven Nation Army. The History of Rock 'n' Roll in 100 Riffs 1 17 21 24 29 30 32 33 34 42 46 50 55 58 59 60 65 71 75 82 83 84 85 92 97 100 ACROSS 1 Alberta actor Bain (Diff'rent The Lytics bit.ly/the_lytics_video—Eager fans of Winnipeg hip hop outfit The Lytics have had to 'stay calm' over the past couple of years. Not since The Inward Eye has a local buzz band taken so long to deliver on the early promise of its first recording sessions. Luckily, new single and video Stay Calm is worth thewait.The trackmay not be the old-school block party jam everyone was expecting, but there is an infectious vibrancy to the indie-flavoured cut. Stay Calm is the first single from The Lytics' sophomore albumThey Told Me,which hits the streets on Oct. 16 via Camobear. Video of theWeek:The Lytics – Stay Calm bit.ly/DJ_Shadow_remix — Begun as an experiment to engage his online community, Josh Davis' DJ Shadow Remix Project quickly grew into something much more than he could have expected. At first the San Francisco-based producer/DJ thought he would just pick a couple remixes and stream the winner online, but after hearing the first batch of tracks that came in,he knewhe had do something more with the material. "In many cases, new life has been breathed into songs I had long-since resigned to the past, and made them fresh again," wrote Davis on his website. "You WILL hear these mixes in future shows, and that's the strongest endorsement I can give as a DJ. From one artist to another,thank youfor inspiring me."From NiT GriT's pro- to-bass rework of Building Steam with a Grain of Salt to Fuso's slightly chopped up Midnight in a PerfectWorld, it's easy to hear why Shadow chose to give these away to fans. They're too good to be stuck in the purgatory of a crappy web stream. DJ Shadow performs in Winnipeg for the first time at the Pyramid on Sept. 27. MP3 of theWeek: DJ ShadowRemix Project writer. He can be heard every Tuesday morning at 8:55 a.m. on Virgin 103 chatting about the web. Got a site you think he should see? Email him at anthony.alloneword@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter.com/ anthonya. Anthony Augustine is a freelance music, technology and pop culture 49 Peruvian capital 50 ___ Nations of the Iroquois 51 Off the mark 53 Like pressurized gases 55 Thank You For Being a ___ (Andrew Gold) 17 Birthplace of the Olympics 18 Country singer Emmylou ___ 20 Heavenly food 21 Acclimates 22 Set up tents 23 Buggies 24 Tender 25 Tuns 27 Readings from odometers 29 On the ball 31 Voisey's Bay worker 32 Glaring 35 College celeb 37 Nickel substitute during WWII 42 Give in 43 Parts of political platforms 45 Part of the tale of the tape 46 Glaring 47 Take 30 journalist Adrienne ___ 7 Bond star Daniel ___ 12 Home of the Derby Stakes in England Strokes) 61 66 72 76 79 80 86 87 93 98 101 100 Bachelor parties 101 Social outings 102 Beats every time DOWN 1 Tax and audit experts 56 Lists of tax numbers 58 Magna executive Stronach 61 ___ __ down! 62 Yosemite ___ 65 Big Canadian film format 66 Issued 69 Unsophisticated 71 Pea pokers 73 Ballmer of Microsoft 74 Singer Rudy ___ (Stein Song) 75 Sent to another team 77 Overflow with 78 American Revolutionary John ___ 79 Caught 40 winks 81 Linguine or fettuccine 82 CBC sportscaster Ernie ___ 86 Shoes with no heels 88 Hawaiian jewellery shell 92 Stupefy 93 Second World War vessel commanded by JFK (3) 98 Google's function 99 Ached (for) 28 Give permission to 30 Camper's illumination 31 Benedictine, e.g. 32 Boyz n the hood 33 Big name in blue jeans 34 Olympic swimmer Baumann 35 Lacking in taste 36 Retail outlet 38 Cheesy sandwiches 39 Leave, slangily 40 Apex 41 Actor Everett (Medical Center) 43 ___ Canada (child sponsorship org.) 5 Affected behavior 6 Flight phase 7 Medal location 8 General or private 9 Baseball paths 10 One of the Gershwins 11 Stunts 12 Largest type of penguin 13 Sail starter 14 Glitch 15 My treat! (2) 16 Bulk 19 Wash cycle 26 Contents of the McMichael Collection 2 Church calendar 3 In the vicinity 4 One who doesn't make the grade B R O C K E A G L E S P R A Y U S E R S T I C K H E A L S 95 Put on a pedestal 97 Actor Michael ___ (Hannah And Her Sisters) 94 95 96 99 102 55 Rigid or rigged 56 Family emblem carving 57 For sure! 58 Mooring post 59 Bedouin leader 60 Actress Turner (Peyton Place) 61 Grotto 62 Farm cylinder 63 ___ plaisir! 64 Inheritors of the earth 67 Bore witness 68 Be short of 70 Gangster who got his liquor from Canada (2) 44 Wept 47 Skin softeners 48 ___ contendere 52 Go by horse 54 Canadian ballet dancer Veronica ___ 72 Tranquilizes 74 Feudal farmers 76 Spanish nobleman 78 Tuque or toque 80 Hurries along 81 Ways to enlightenment 82 Rudiments 83 Exploit 84 China's place 85 Chinese dinner bell? 86 Snow structure 87 Frilly material 89 Prompt 90 Retain 91 Sums up 94 Meadow sound 96 Big name on Wall Street Last Puzzle Solved T H U R M S T E P P I N G C A N A D A E S K I M O S C P P E L W O O D E L A I N E A N N O Y S M A G N E T R E S C U E R B U T T H U G H I E U N T O L D A R T S Y B A N K O N I T F E R R I S T O D D N A S C A R P H I L I P A T E U P H E I D I C A D G E P E D A L S A S G O O D A S O B R I E N Y E L L P E A C E P A T T I E A S T U T E S E A T S I C E C A P N I C O L O S L U M P S M A S T #0194 S E R I E S B E R N A R D S A I L O R S C A P E N E W T E S T I E R R O D E S I T O N L A P S E S J O N G G M R B U B B L E A L L O W R E U S E Y U R T S 73 77 81 88 89 90 91 78 67 68 74 69 70 35 36 43 47 51 52 56 57 62 63 64 53 44 48 54 2 3 Puzzle #195 • By Brian Paquin •www.cancross.com 4 Brian's Canadian Crossword 5 6 7 18 22 25 26 31 37 45 49 38 39 40 41 27 8 9 10 11 19 28 12 13 14 15 16 20 23 by Jonathan Ball, Registered Fraud www.jonathanball.com Haiku Horoscopes Aries (March 21 - April 19) Do you fight fires or Do you strip? You have to make A life decision Taurus (April 20 -May 20) A tattoo artist That also sculpts? Just don't mix Up your two hobbies Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Trouble at the hen House—a good Hip album but The good times stop there Cancer (June 21 - July 22) You have to see the Ocean at least once in life— Poseidon commands! Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) To build a better Mousetrap, first you have to trap The mouse inside you Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) I am not sure where Libya is supposed to be But not on your couch (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)Libra It's time to give up Your cassette tapes and also Your dreams of stardom (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)Scorpio Your handwriting is Neat—too neat—what the hell are You trying to hide?! (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)Sagittarius Dress up a little! Now dress up a bit more. Now A lot. Finally. Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) Waterskiing might Be fun, until you find out That the ghost has lied (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)Aquarius No one will suspect A thing… as long as you don't Commit any crimes Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) Is your sock drawer two Or three syllables? Find out, This is important! UPTOWN September 27, 2012 19 Bill Acheson

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