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www.uptownmag.com diversions Think you've got what it takes? The qualifier registration lottery for the annual Red Bull Crashed Ice championship is now open www.alloneword.ca Anthony Augustine redbullcrashedice.com—If you think you're brave enough to com- pete in Red Bull's Annual Crashed Ice championship, the quali- fier registration lottery is nowaccepting entries online. Expanding over the last fewyears, the event will have multiple stops in North America and Europe. Winnipeggers will battle it out in a local qualifying event on Oct. 14 (try-out spots are drawn randomly from the main registration lottery); scores for speed and skill will decide who gets to compete on Dec. 1 in Niagara Falls. The Canadian sea- son finale event takes place March 16 in Quebec City. International dates include Jan. 26 in St Paul, Minn., Feb. 16 in Russia, March 2 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Make sure you register today if you think you have what it takes to battle it out for a spot at one of the Crashed Ice downhill derbys. Red Bull Crashed Ice playandrecord.tumblr.com—Play and Record is a fascinating web project that looks at an album a day in 2012, documenting both what the albummeans to the author and also the aesthetics of the packaging, inserts and record itself. Spending a fewminutes on the site will make you realize how much music lovers are missing out when they opt to take their collection solely into the digital realm. Sure, you might get a PDF with some liner notes and a hi-res GIF, but it isn't the same. Recently featured records include Shellac's Terraform, Trans Am's Thing and Broken Social Scene's Forgiveness Rock Record. Play and Record bit.ly/icee_hot — With a new record label about to launch and a busy underground club night in San Francisco, the guys behind Icee Hot—Ghosts on Tape,Shawn Reynaldo,Rollie Fingers (minus their buddy Low Limit)—have found some time to put together a new mixtape for Lucky Me. It features deep house and future-forward techno-flavoured cuts from their fledgling label, friends such as Lando Kal, and artists such as Mike Huckaby and Levon Vincent. Ghosts on Tape/Shawn Reynaldo/Rollie Fingers – Icee Hot Mixtape MP3 of the Week: bit.ly/Valis — Screaming Trees were one of those '90s bands that should have been way bigger then it was. The Seattle-based band imploded after personality clashes, substance abuse and creative differences made it impossible to continue. Screaming Trees will never be one of those groups that gets together for the money and seems fine to let the band's legacy live in the past—but that doesn't mean its members have walked away from music com- pletely. Van Conner and brother Patrick have gotten together with Matt Vandenberghe to form the psychedelic, guitar-heavy VALIS. The trio plans to release its Jack Endino-produced album, Minds Through Space and Time, on Oct. 5 through Strange Earth Records. Video of the Week: VALIS – Space Station ture writer. He can be heard every Tuesday morning at 8:55 a.m. on Hot 103 chatting about the web. Got a site you think he should see? Email him at anthony.alloneword@gmail.com or follow him on Twit- ter.com/anthonya. Anthony Augustine is a freelance music, technology and pop cul- 1 17 20 23 28 32 33 34 35 43 47 51 56 61 62 63 70 76 80 88 89 90 99 104 107 ACROSS 1 British general of 1812 64 71 77 81 84 91 100 101 105 108 19 Montreal godfather Rizzuto 20 Aerosol 21 Beyond measure 22 Strings of losses 23 ___ stone (career opportunity) 25 Swiss miss of fiction 27 Sail supporter 28 Bohemian 30 Panhandle 32 Blame ___ (South Park) 36 Rocker Rundgren 39 Olympic skip Cheryl ___ 43 PC owners 44Wheel inventor George ___ 46 Jack tar 47 Metronome sound 48 You can be sure! (3) 50 Vista 51 Edmonton CFLers 53 Goes for a spin 55 Still in the package 56 Canadian Tire, e.g. (with 59A) 11 North Pole covering (2) 17 Lunar lander of 1969 18 Margaret's brother on The Beachcombers 99 Friend of Jerry and George 101 Peppermint ___ 103 Green-light 104 Hassles 105 Observant 106 Act in a green way 91 Part of OLP 94 My name is __ ___, and you can watch me pop! 82 Tarzan's trademark 83 Breaks in concentration 84 Polished off (2) 86 Defer publication of (2) 88 Saskatchewan comedian Brent ___ 64 Elizabeth's husband 66 More irritable 70 Makes better 72 Equivalent to (3) 75 Hopped a train 76 Jake's bluesy brother 78 Fifth host of the Tonight Show 79 Mah-___ 80 Member of the RCMP's ERT, at times 59 See above 61 Program implemented by Lester Pearson 6 Martin Short character Nathan ___ 107 Fridge sticker 108 Ushers 109 Framed tents DOWN 1 Porgy's love 2 Awestruck 3 Beast 4 Show approval 5 Security-systemcomponents 6 NT mining town 7 Driver's license info 8 We have a problem! (hyph.) 9 Irk 10 Army doc 11 Intestines and such 12 Explosives company turned paint company 13 Universal 14 Lengthy sleep 15 Canadian ___ (old name for The Rockies) 16 Haste starter 18 Stalk 24 Author Levin (The Stepford Wives) 26 Small blob 29 Old name for Toronto 31 Buffalo and Bermuda, e.g. 32 Like a button? 33 With no guarantees (2) 34 Violin part 35 See 40D 37 Abandon 38 Enjoys supper 40 Little Miss Sunshine actor, with 35D 41 Lariat 42 Pulled a gun R A B B L E I C E B O X G E N O V A U H F N E I G H A N T L E R 85 92 93 102 72 78 82 86 94 103 106 109 52 Creates a detailed plan (2) 54 Creates a false impression 57 On top of that 58 Peter Pan portrayer Cathy ___ 60 Barber's belt 61 Singing star with one name 62 Soccer star with one name 63 Feline feet 65 Tiny opening 67 Charged particles 68 Border 69 Statutes 71 Film site 73 Fixes a squeak 74 Marks off 77 Most heartfelt 79 Time for resolutions 81 Regret 83 Moonball in tennis 85 John and Denny 87 Outdoorsy kind of surgeon 44 Eavestrough holder 45 Kick starter 48 Foolishness! 49 Criss-crossed provincial pattern Last Puzzle Solved M A G I C E Y E C A N D Y T A D P R E E M I E T I D E E P O C H S T U N I S T R E N T N E W S Y A N D E R S O N L A I T Y C A R H O P S A S K M E W H Y T E R R Y C R A T E C I N E M A I N D E B T H E N R Y R I O T S 102 King popularized by Steve Martin B E A L L F L E E T L A D E N N E A T H U N S E E M L Y P U L S A R S S T A R R A U D I O T B A L L #0193 H A R P O Z I L C H A L C O V E R E A P E D A R D E N S P Y O N R E N T A C A R R E X F E R N S G A T E P O S T G O R E B I T M A P T E M P O S T R I V E R E U R E K A B O R E S D Y E C A R E T S T R I S H A O D D S O N 88 Smile from ear to ear 89 Lower arm bone 90 Zesty taste 92 Upper or lower 93 Jazzy James 95 ___ de Chevre 96 Indistinct image 97 Blew the lead 98 Females of the flock 100 Comic actor Louis ___ (The Steve Allen Show) 87 95 96 97 98 83 36 44 48 52 57 58 65 73 74 79 53 59 66 75 2 3 Puzzle #194 • By Brian Paquin •www.cancross.com 4 Brian's Canadian Crossword 5 18 21 24 29 37 38 45 49 54 60 67 68 69 25 30 39 46 50 55 26 31 40 41 42 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 22 27 by Jonathan Ball, Registered Fraud www.jonathanball.com Haiku Horoscopes Aries (March 21 - April 19) What you don't seem to Understand is that I don't Owe you predictions Taurus (April 20 -May 20) The more love you give The better you live—sorry I meant "the more stabs" Gemini (May 21 - June 20) There is no shame in Being the first person to Bring shame upon Mars Cancer (June 21 - July 22) In the epic tales Poets write about you, your Name will be spelled wrong Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) Don't assume that just Because that dude murdered your Kitten he's all bad Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) It seems only by Sacrificing you can we Prevent forest fires (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)Libra Real estate's still a Better investment than your Virtual estate (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)Scorpio I don't know how to Advise you except to say Rethink brain-stoppage (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)Sagittarius That seagull seems a Nuisance, but he really wrote 50 Shades of Grey Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) I suppose, for some, That would in fact confirm his True "nuisance" status (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)Aquarius The best way to get That shark to leave you alone Is to stop bleeding Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) The werewolf that stole Your vampire baby is too Much plot for this poem UPTOWN September 20, 2012 19

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