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18 September 20, 2012 UPTOWN movies ★★★★ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Developed by Hidden Path Entertainment/ Valve Available now for the PC, 360 & PS3 Published by Valve Rating:M at all in the past dozen years, then you already know exactly what you're getting with Global Offen- sive. Playing as either a terrorist or a counter-terrorist, you careful- ly manoeuver your way through structured and incredibly complex levels to complete objectives such as planting/defusing bombs and holding/rescuing hostages — or, more commonly, simply killing the enemy team before your own is wiped out. It's one of the simplest shooters in concept — a glorified modes are being tackedonto games to artificially boost their value and any other measures taken appear to be done to appeal to as broad an audience as possible, it's refresh- ing to see a game such as Counter- Strike: Global Offensive — a semi- sequel/remake to a notoriously difficult online tactical shooter — make absolutely no concessions to compromise its singular vision of providing the toughest,most inclu- sive multiplayer shooting around. If you've played Counter-Strike In an era in which unnecessary diversions Gaming Guide Mel Stefaniuk Keeping it simple Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wisely eschews an unnecessary story campaign for a no-compromise multiplayer shooter game of cops vs. robbers — but the amount of skill and teamwork required to be able to even keep up with the players who have been honing their skills for over a decade is staggering. This is not a game for the faint of heart and, unless you're will- ing to invest the time, you're going to be spending a frustrat- ing amount of time in limbo after being killed, waiting for the next round to start. The fact that the very best players have about 12 years of practice under their belts does not make things easier but it does give the game a far more satisfying sense of accomplish- ment when you do begin to hold your own against them. The actual changes Global Offen- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive things up might have felt restrict- ive in a full-fledged, full-priced driven campaign and turned this into a $60 retail game. Instead, by sequel but, in its wisest decision, Global Offensive doesn't attempt to extend itself beyond what it is: a download-only $15 modern- ization of a formula that still feels unique in the market. The developers could have easily whipped up a com- pletely unnecessary story- www.uptownmag.com acknowledging and embracing the specificity and limited appeal of what they're trying to do, they've managed to keep it the niche title it should be. a Nov. 18 release date for its new console Wii U, with two mod- els available at launch: a base set with 8GB of storage for $299, and a premium version with 32GB of space and a copy of the launch title NintendoLand for $349. Nintendo has finally announced Bits & Bytes PS3); FIFA 13 (360, PS3,PC,3DS, Vita). Mel Stefaniuk is a writer who can tell the difference between Mario and Sonic. A woman looking to break into the SM biz seeks advice Dominatrix in training sive makes to the Counter-Strike formula are nearly negligible. It looks better and there are some new levels, guns and modes but unless you've stuck consistently with the original game over the years, it'll be tough to differentiate what's old and what's new; it all blurs together in a haze of famili- arity. This stubbornness to shake Classified Deadline Mondays 11:00 am Community Notices ........................100 Automotive ........................................200 Children ...............................................300 Merchandise.......................................400 Community Services ............500/600 Education/Employment ...............700 Real Estate ..........................................800 Recreation/Travel ............................900 Personals ...........................................1000 TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD: Email classifieds@canstarnews.com Phone (204) 697-7050 Fax (204) 953-4300 Please include name, address and phone number In person 1355 Mountain Ave Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30 pm Mail Canstar Community News Limited 1355 Mountain Ave,Wpg MB R2X 3B6 Payment When placing and ad, please remember: Check your ad the first day it appears, in the event of an error, please notify us immediately as we are responsible only for the first incorrect insertion. To ensure the integrity of our newspapers we reserve the right to reclassify, edit or refuse your ad. Canstar Community News Limited is careful to screen, to the best of our abilities, for inaccurate or misleading ads, however, consumers are advised to contact the Better Business Bureau at 989-9010 regarding concerns over particular ads placed by a business. Career Training Personal OSBORNE CENTRE TREAT YOURSELF CALL 786-1772 Personal 1003 MOONLIGHT Studio Sexy, Sassy, Fun 258 McPhillips St. 11 am to 11 pm 204•779•1690 To place a Hiring 204-774-2017 classified ad in Uptown call 697-7050 MISS J'AIMIE MASSAGE 293-5440 RELAXATION Love Bites Sasha F/T Program. Student Loan Avail. www.TopActingSchool.ca Want To Be A Working Actor? 1003 702 woman, but recently I've had a few encounters that suggest I could be good at, and enjoy, being a dom- inatrix. I'm interested in pursuing this as work. How can I learn the tricks of the trade? Are there pos- sibilities for apprenticeship? Any- where I can go to learn about prac- ticing as a dominatrix? Dear Sasha, I'm not the most experienced Duly Diligent and make some goddamn money. Go on boards such as MERB (www.merb.ca) TERB (www.terb. ca), The Red Zone (www.thered- zone.com), Eros (www.eros.com) and Back Page (www.backpage. com) and peruse the dominatrix ads, some of which will lead you to personal websites. Check out Patri- cia Marsh's website (www.patri- ciamarsh.com) to see how one of North America's finest represents her business. Note the various ser- vices women offer and look for ser- vices and presentation that speak to you. Send a polite, thoughtful email to these women and ask how much they charge for apprentice- ship, if they do at all. Ask thosewho have dungeons if they would per- mit you to study their space and equipment in exchange for money or service. Don't be insulted or sur- prised if many don't get back to Dear Duly, Good for you, girl. Get out there you at all—these are busy women juggling lots of different commit- ments. Be prepared to offer refer- ences so that they may confirm your identity. Sex worker organizations such as guide that I found edifying. It's a great book, really detailed with stunning photography. For a per- sonal history and legal documenta- tion, nothing beats Dominatrix on Trial by Terri-Jean Bedford. Keep your eye out for fetish par- really good; it includes more infor- mation on the psychological how- to rather than physical. The psycho- logical is equally important." How To Be Kinkier is another also a great how-to book. It includes more info also on sexual tech- niques such as fisting and anal play with kink, as well as blending the spiritual with your kink. "The New Topping Book is also Roses, Send Me the Thorns are com- prehensive books to ensure emo- tional and physical safety. The Art of Sensual Female Dominance is a how-to book about what to do from a female dominant perspective. Either of these is essential as a ref- erence book. "The Ultimate Guide to Kink is offers these reading selections from the store's bookshelf (also widely available online): "For how-to, SM 101 or Screw The Stella and Maggie's offer resource pages on their websites. Look out for any BDSM-related material. Carlyle Jansen from Good For Her lovely vegan gal. I want to make sure that I respect her needs but I will tell you, it can be exhausting. Who knew that there were animal products in condoms that aren't even made of lambskin and that many of them are tested on ani- mals? I'm looking for options in this regard,aswell asmaybe some other products you can recommend. Dear Sasha, I have begun dating the most bend some ears—and asses. • • • Rob yourself to caring, you also commit yourself to a life of lofty grimaces. It would help if sex products had a very specific certification system for vegan consumption but, as Jack Lamon from Come As You Are says, "Barely anything is certified as any- thing in this industry, so I think basically almost nothing is 'certi- fied' vegan. Yes, lubricant is certi- fied, and I believe Sir Richard's con- doms are, as well. All of our lubes are vegan. Hathor and Sliquid have a lot of certified organic ingredi- ents but are not certified organic themselves." Come As You Are carries lots of Dear Rob, It is true that once you commit ties around town and attend them. There you will meet amateurs and professionals, and have a chance to dildos, vibrators and harnesses that are vegan (AS FAR AS ANYONE KNOWS), as well. Check out the site www.ecosex.ca, run by sisters Amy and Kimberley Sedgwick from Red Tent Sisters, for more sexy vegan options. Questions? Comments? Contact Sasha at pouledeluxe@yahoo.com. Sept. 25 — Dead or Alive 5 (360, Upcoming Releases classifieds

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