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www.uptownmag.com movies UPTOWN September 20, 2012 17 Director AndrewBush does his best to channel his BoogieWoogie for Picnicface's Roller Town full-length film make As we've seen with many a SNL movie, A sketch does not a Picnicface's Roller Town loses steam quickly movie review ★★ ROLLER TOWN Opens Sept. 21 Nicholas Friesen flat due to a bad cutaway and no blowback or blood splatter (which is made to look even cheaper when another gunshot goes off that wants terribly to get into the Roller Acad- emy and also works and lives at the roller rink. He's a regular man about town, despite the fact that he looks like Nitz from Undergrads in short shorts. Lusting after the Mayor's daugh- ter (non-Picnicfacer Kayla Lorette) and sulk- ing seem to be his MO, but it's his sulk that allows for one of the truly funny moments in the film, involving a deadpan series of phone messages. Opening with a murder scene that falls and at least a few recent Canadian features, such as the Winnipeg/Kenora shot Father's Day, have relied on a certain genre to slam against. This one takes on the Cameron Crowe/John Hughes comedies of the 1980s and it's not so much a parody, but a "what if these films made lots of dick jokes?" take. Mark Little plays Leo, a teen roller skater small lakeside town obsessed with roller skat- ing is terrorized by preppy skatedweebs,bum- bling mafia-types wanting to bring in arcade games and the unfortunate un-funnyness of its residents. Parody comedies are always an easy gag F rom the hit-and-miss Canadian comedy troupe Picnicface comes its debut feature Roller Town. Taking place in the 1970s, a many true disco classics (other than David Naughton's Makin' It), CanPop genius Rich Aucoin shares the original music credit with TV score vets Isabelle Noel and Richard Pell, but it's a lot of names for very little payoff. Many of the scenes tend to drag, and some upbeat disco love could have helped keep the energy up when the drawn-out gags (such as a disco duck not turning into a swan) don't pay off. The one thing Roller Town truly has going moments later with bigger, bloodier results), it's apparent that this is a dick-joke comedy, and since dick jokes are so funny and allow you to base a whole story around them, they makes a lot of them. Followed up by a series of shots involving close ups of girls' butts, this film is not even a little bit cheeky (pun totally intended). Since there's no budget to get access to Brain Candy,but it's not trying to be. Picnicface started as a webseries, turned into a TV show and is now a movie, and it's because of this that the film fails. The jokes here are just that — jokes. They work better in quick sketches, not stretched out over 80 minutes. For more info see our movie listings on page for it is the props, wardrobe and set decora- tion. Making a period film on a minimal budget is beyond difficult, as anything pop- ping up that screams "wrong year" will take its audience right out of the film. This work is somewhat undone by the HD look of the movie, as anything shot nowwon't be on film, the medium of the time this film takes place in.This is almost as jarring as an actorflashing the camera, having something look fresh and newwhile taking place 40 years ago. It's no Wayne's World, Life of Brian or even 15. Kayla Lorette (left) as Julia, Mark Little as Leo and Evany Rosen as Beth in Roller Town. ENTERTOWIN TICKETSTOSEE WALLFLOWER Courtesy of THE PERKS OF BEING A and THE PERKS OF BEING AWALLFLOWER at 7 p.m. onMonday, Oct. 1 INTHEATRESOCTOBER 5TH Wehave passes to giveaway to the advance screening of In this high school coming-of-age film, writer/director StevenChbosky adapts hisownnovel for the big screen, with a cast starringEmmaWatson, LoganLermanandEzra Miller and send us a message that includes yourname, address and daytime telephone number. Please use the phrase PERKS in the subject line. To enter, go to uptownmag.com, click on contests, click on the email link Deadline for entries:Noon,Weds., Sept. 26 Employees of theWinnipeg Free Press and Canstar Community News are not eligible to enter. Prizes must be picked up at 1355Mountain Ave.They will not be mailed. Courtesy of D Films 200912-189860DW Courtesy of D Films

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