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14 September 6, 2012 UPTOWN it's almost more than some readers might be able to bear. But it's moving as well, and not only because of the grief on display on these pages. It also happens to be compelling love story, about two people who found each other, if only for a moment that ended too soon. It's a very personal book—the reader gets the feeling of eavesdropping on the most intimate thoughts. It's illustrated with photo- graphs by both Kuellmer and Moore. (The author also created the linocut used for the cover.) In some way, and some times, as presented Moore, is both a collection of poetry and a memoir of grief. Moore's lover, the artist and photographer Galen Kuellmer, was killed in a bicycle accident a day before his 30th birth- day, in 2004. It's a very sad book, of course; at times, thesmall and the quotidian—would seem to have little in common. Yet, a thoughtful read- ing reveals that, despite significant contrasts, the two books have much in common. Everything, now (Brick Books), by Jessica worecentlypublished poetry collections —one about a heartbreaking major life event, the other largely concerned with ENTER TO WIN TICKETS BUDDY GUY AND JONNY LANG TO SEE Life, big and small T arts&culture As two new poetry collections suggest, our existence is defined by both Paper Trails Quentin Mills-Fenn the reader learns. But there are other, more profound journeys as well. In a poem near the end of the book, Moore relates a dream she had, of a letter from Kuellmer delivered almost two years after his death. She interprets the letter to mean, "be awake, taste everything." Moore then corrects her earlier observa- www.uptownmag.com tion: "maybe I got it wrong and everything, now, is a letter from you." This is a remark- able, honest, and quite astonishing book. • • • in these pages, Moore is now living a life filled with absence. Sounds, places, photos, are infused with memory. As Moore writes, "Everything, now, becomes a letter to you." After Kuellmer's death, Moore moved from Toronto, where the two lived, to Montreal, as how to appear masculine while walking down the street with a bouquet of flowers, trying to balance care with manly disregard, even as he must "parade his love nakedly down the street." The final section of the book, called Dis- appearance, concerns different kinds of loss. One of the poems, My Mother's Number is about the poet's mother, and the phone num- ber she's had for a very long time. But one day, the poet writes, his mother will pass away and the number will pass out of service and "a black hole will open up in the white pages." It's a surprisingly poignant observation, he Right (Pedlar Press) is a collection of his wry prose poems about ordinary and extraordin- ary things: butterflies, school days, bubble gum, Batman at age 60. His genius is in mak- ing the reader look at things anew. So, Downie writes about the dilemma of I'm a fan of Glen Downie's writing. Left for writes, "because none of us can ever phone home again." Downie shows us that little things can mean so much sometimes. ~breath~center~calm~strengthen~explore~stretch~stabilize~ • CREATIVE MOVEMENT • JAZZ • • MODERN • TAP • BALLET • • STOTT PILATES • • MARTIAL DANCE • YOGA • •STENGTH & STRETCH• Courtesy of UPTOWN We have tickets to give away to see legendary blues guitarists Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang at their double-bill show on Friday, Sept. 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the RBC Theatre at MTS Centre. To enter these mind-blowing string-slingers, go to uptownmag.com, click on contests, click on the email link and send us a message that includes your name, address and daytime telephone number. Please use the phrase Buddy Guy in the subject line. Deadline for entries: Noon, Thursday, September 13, 2012 Employees of the Winnipeg Free Press and Canstar Community News are not eligible to enter. Prizes must be picked up at 1355 Mountain Ave.They will not be mailed. 104-211 BANNATYNEAVE. 452-1239 • PERFORMANCE TROUPES • • CLASSES & WORKSHOPS • CHILDREN, YOUTH & ADULTS • 109 PULFORD ST. (Osborne Village) ~enrich~embody~sense~soar~release~celebrate~enjoy~ 452-9417 osbornestreetdance@gmail.com Classes for ages 4 years to adult. Modern Ballet Jazz African Tap Creative Movement Belly Dance Hip Hop Retro Jazz 060912-189864-DL 050912-240591DW 050912-208608KS www.uptownmag.com

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