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www.uptownmag.com diversions Ahoy, pirates! Like to steal content? Good luck with that www.alloneword.ca Anthony Augustine bit.ly/demonoid_down—With popular torrent site Demonoid dead in thewater after the serverswere seized and all the user information turned over to the Feds by the Ukrainian government,entertainment junkies have been scrambling tofinda newsource for piratedmovies, music, software and TV shows. While many users thought the semi- closed nature of Demonoid (you needed an invite to join) would keep it offthe radar, it looks like the sitewas taken downas away for Dep- uty Prime Minister Valery Khoroshkovsky to impress the Americans on hisfirst trip toWashington.Although there are other torrent track- ers, what's next? In most cases, it's not like you can walk down the street to rent your favourite movie anymore. Do you bug your geeky friends for an invite to their super-secret private tracker? Plunk down some cash for a VPN or proxy to keep yourself and your information shielded? Give up torrents,finally go legit and get yourself Apple TV? While this is the biggest piracy-related bust/shutdown in some time, history shows that newsites and services will pop up to fill the void left by Demonoid—or maybe Hollywood will finally figure out this whole digital distribution thing (I doubt it).At least the guys from the Pirate Bay don't look like they'll be giving up any time soon. HowDo I Torrent Safely NowThat Demonoid Is Down? 1 18 21 24 28 30 31 32 33 34 42 45 48 53 56 57 58 64 69 72 78 79 80 81 88 93 96 ACROSS 1 Sudden 59 65 70 73 75 76 82 83 89 94 97 90 91 95 98 7 Campaign offensive 13 Log-splitting tool 18 Massey Ferguson machine 19 Make fit 20 A Must to ___ (Herman's Hermits) 21 Actress Lombard (My Man Godfrey) 22 End of an ultimatum (2) 23 Phileas Fogg creator Jules ___ 24 Engineer of the 1979 Canadian Caper (2) bit.ly/P2ZY1Q — With their 10th studio album, I Bet on Sky, set for release on Sept. 18, the fuzzy guitar gods of Dinosaur Jr. have teamed up with the folks at Funny or Die for their newvideo,Watch the Cor- ners. Starring Tim Heidecker of Adult Swim's Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! as a pissed-off dad whose daughter is hanging out with the wrong boy, the clip is the latest in a long line of cool Dino- saur Jr. videos, including the Spike Jonze-directed Feel the Pain. The band will play in Minneapolis at Cabooze on Oct. 18. No word yet on any Canadian dates other than a string of shows in Toronto in September. Video of theWeek: Dinosaur Jr. –Watch the Corners bit.ly/obedear_edit — Planetshhh.com's Beauchamp (Mike B.) is offering up his own syrupy slow and slightly chopped version of Edmonton buzz band Purity Ring's track, Obedear. The duo will be at the West End Cultural Centre (RIP Lo Pub) on Sept. 13. Headaches are also on the bill. MP3 of theWeek: Purity Ring – Obedear (Beauchamp's Slowed&Slightly Chopped Edit) writer. He can be heard every Tuesday morning at 8:55 a.m. on Hot 103 chatting about the web. Got a site you think he should see? Email him at anthony.alloneword@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter.com/ anthonya. Anthony Augustine is a freelance music, technology and pop culture 78 Minister of Finance Jim ___ 82 Conrad Black defender Eddie _ 88 Ready to go 89 Uses a CB 91 Like Paradise Lost 93 Take a base 94 Very soon (3) 95 Actress Bush (John Tucker Must Die) 48 Money dispenser 49 Anointing 51 Voice vote 52 Army food 53 Part of the old ball game 54 Yippee! 56 Heavyweight Spinks 59 Intrepid, e.g. 60 Limits 61 Let It Ride group 64 Big Oscar winner in 1984 66 Singing cowboy Gene ___ 67 Shrank (from) 69 Category of art 70 Paper producers 71 Please wait to be ___ 72 Declare to be true 73 Canada, to the USA 74 Prepares to take to market 75 Pulls apart 77 TSN/CTV sportscaster, with 43A 28 A note to follow fa 29 Canada Bread employee 30 Over the ___ 35 Builder's instructions 37 U.S. president before Jimmy 42 Procure 43 See 77A 44 Donkey 45 Oozes 46 Verge 47 This is free when dealing with your MP 26 Movie series with Yellow- knife's Margo Kidder 96 Ill-tempered 97 Financial backers 98 Reelin' In the Years group ___ Dan DOWN 1 Eyebrow shape 13 Indecisive ones 14 Lasting starter 15 Student lodging 16 Actress Gershon (Cocktail) 17 British PM Anthony ___ 25 Ouch! 27 Cribbage counter 29 Yardbirds guitarist Jeff ___ 30 Civil rights heroine Parks 31 Be a party to 32 Tabloid couple 33 Forty winks 34 Mackenzie ___ Sanctuary, N.W.T. 35 Biblical weapon 36 Twinge of hunger 38 Toothed wheel 39 Indian nursemaid 40 Toy block Y A C H T S A F L O A T S L U G G O G A M S U M P F L U E S U A L 4 In the know about (2) 5 Seal skin 6 High crime 7 Lagoon enclosure 8 Hawaiian tuber 9 Wedding cake section 10 ___ clear! 11 Russian horseman of old 12 Vancouver actress Kristin ___ (Smallville) 2 Animal's nut cracker 3 Like the 1911 Canadian silver dollar 77 84 85 86 87 92 66 71 74 60 67 68 35 36 43 46 49 50 54 51 55 61 62 63 47 52 25 29 37 44 38 39 40 41 2 3 Puzzle #191 • By Brian Paquin •www.cancross.com 4 Brian's Canadian Crossword 5 6 7 19 22 26 27 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20 23 by Jonathan Ball, Registered Fraud www.jonathanball.com Haiku Horoscopes Aries (March 21 - April 19) One thing's for certain: Heisenberg's cat has got a Lot of strange problems Taurus (April 20 -May 20) That beaver has a Taste for blood now, and you've got Ten seconds to live Gemini (May 21 - June 20) It's elemental— You have to spray the fire god With pure spring water Cancer (June 21 - July 22) If nobody else Has the balls, I'll say it: George Bush was not that nice 43 On the ___ (at sea) 46 Radar dots 47 Showy spring flower 50 Russell Peters, at times 51 Letter closer 53 Course or time starter (2) 54 With great enthusiasm 55 Gold or silver, e.g. 56 Volcanic output 57 Spew volcanic output 58 Tillsonburg dryer 60 CDNX buyer 61 Quick meal 62 Young adult 63 Track number 65 Like strong Maritime winds 66 Feels feverish 68 Fedora, for one 70 Actress Mobley (Harum Scarum) 41 Actress Barrymore (Charlie's Angels) Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) Teamwork will produce Results whenever your team Murders other teams Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) You've got to step in To the 21st centur— No, not 22! (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)Libra Listen, Virgo's been Messing around with the time- Space continuum… 78 Celebration 79 Like some bloomers 80 Fun for all ___ 81 Pressure (slang) 82 Heckle 83 Muddy up 84 Notice 85 Natural gas transport 86 Soreness 87 Execute perfectly 90 Hammarskjold of the U.N. 92 Install (carpet) Last Puzzle Solved C A S K R E S C U E D U P S P I L L G O A L I E M A S K C O T T O X E N R I M E N I C K N A M E S G R E N A D E S D R O V E R W E D A S H E S T H A R B I G A N G U L A R T E A S E T S D I A N E G R A N D T R U N K R O A N O M S K P E P S P E R K J O I S T G R O S S C R O P S C H A O S #0190 S E A F O O D L A C T O S E H I C L L O Y D D O C K S H A N D S B U R L Y G O O N S T A K E S I C K L O N E L Y B O Y Y U L N O V E L S J E U B O A R C U R T O L A R E B Q U E E V E N S O R I N G E R S N E E R S B A S H P L A T E B L O G S B O N K 71 Anguish 74 Canada, to the USA (in 1812) 76 Large lobbies 77 The Defense Never ___ (F. Lee Bailey) (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)Scorpio … Scorpio, you and Libra need to get Virgo Back here. K, later. (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)Sagittarius (Don't say anything, But I've totally set in Motion some wild stuff) Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) I don't know what to Predict anymore—once more, The future excites! (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)Aquarius You go too far to Suggest that I play with fate Just to amuse self Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) Well, on second thought, I guess that's exactly what I do, like, always UPTOWN August 30, 2012 15 Brantley Gutierrez

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