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10 August 16, 2012 UPTOWN music Aug. 16, Lo Pub Opening for Wax Mannequin Jen Zoratti ing style," he adds (even his most electronic opuses were composed on an acoustic gui- tar). "For the last record, I had just gotten a new computer and I wanted to experiment with sounds. There are a lot more acoustic instruments on this record — including a cello,which is amazing." Oldfolks Home's sophomore album won't food&drink straight year, beer production is up worldwide We'll cheers to that For the 27th The Brew Master Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson B beer production has increased worldwide. The study credits the continued rise in demand to Asian and developing countries. According to the report, over 190 million kilo- eer news! A recent study by Kirin Hold- ings—amassive Japanese-based beverage company — found that, for the 27th year, litres of beer were produced worldwide, up 3.7% from 2010. For the 10th straight year, China is tops in beer production, accounting for around 25% of global production. The Chinese clearly love their beer. Yet despite ments Restaurant and Bar for a unique beer-and- food dinner. Among the brews being poured are the newest incarnation of Humulus Ludicrous, a double-hopped IPA (paired with duck breast in a Half Pints glaze served with green beans, wild rice and a poached egg). Also on tap is the Noches de los Aijevres which, according to the Half Pints website, is a "malty Oaxacan dark lager… Inspired by the carvings of the Oaxacan area of Mexico, this beer is a very drinkable dark lager with tons of Munichmalt and a spicy zip of German Perle hops." Tickets for the four-course meal (plus recep- Friday night sees Half Pints partner with Ele- production, with Brazil coming in third (notably, Manitoba Liquor Marts' website lists no Brazil- ian beer). the fact theymake a quarter of the world's brew- skis, only four are listed on Manitoba's Liquor Marts'website. I guess it just goes to showwhat voracious consumers of beer they are. The U.S.came in second at nearly 12% of global Pints Brewing Co. is celebrating its sixth birth- day this weekend, and has some special offers and events lined up to celebrate the milestone. On a much smaller, local-oriented note, Half • • • tion and dessert) will undoubtedly be gone by the time you read this, but fear not—Half Pints is also having an after-party at 8:30 p.m. fea- turing the music of local DJ Mama Cutsworth (said after-party will also include a cask of the Noches). Or pop by the brewery's open house Saturday for the release of both the Noches and Humulus. Check out www.halfpintsbrewing. com for more. the nose, it doesn't overpower other aspects of this IPA, namely the toasty malt, herbal and cit- rus aromas. While the Hops & Robbers is crisp, Double Trouble "Hops & Robbers" IPA (Guelph, Ont.; $2.89/473 ml can) While the hops is certainly prominent on there's still some summery fruit on the palate —lemon rind, melon, pear—as well as creamy vanilla flavours. Cool packaging, too. Tree Brewing Co. "Hop Head" India Pale Ale (Kelowna, B.C.; $2.20/330 ml bottle) Up-front hops lead the charge on the nose self-reflection, Oldfolks Home is back with a new album. The as-yet-untitled record, which features guest turns from Keri Lati- mer and Michael Petkau Falk, sees Lopez- Aguilar embrace his singer/songwriter side. As it turns out, there was a great voice hiding under all that reverb. "Everyone talks about the 'more vocals,'" Lopez-Aguilar says with a laugh. "I definitely feel more comfortable with my voice. On the last record, I was pretty self-conscious about the way my voice sounded, so I used a lot of reverb and delay. This time, I wanted to make the vocals more prominent. "This album feels more true to my writ- a splash with its debut, We Are The Feeding Line, an experimental electronic outing with a strong human pulse that bridged the gap between digital and analogue, synthetic and organic. Lopez-Aguilar toured the country in support of that effort, which garnered plenty of praise throughout Canada, and then Old- folks Home went through a retooling period. After two years of soul-searching and I n 2008, Oldfolks Home — the ever-evolv- ing musical project of local composer/ performer Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar—made music preview OLDFOLKS HOME AND JENN MIERAU Keep pushing forward Two Winnipeg artists—one current, one former— are doing exciting things with electronic music "It's a bit of a testament to my background and my interests in music. I love piano (she's a trained classical pianist), I love hip hop beats — and I love a good pop song, too. I wanted to produce something myself for the first time. I'd learned bits and pieces from people, but I didn't know what I was doing. There wasn't a specific aesthetic vision; I just wanted to produce something myself, and I wanted to produce something that I'd want to listen to. " Recreating Hush for a solo live show also required experimenting. "It took a while to figure out a live showthat wasn't me using a laptop and pressing play," she says."I realized that there are lots of ways I can reproduce the album live with samplers, and it kind of breathed newlife into the songs." The album's artwork is just as ambi- tious and textured as its contents; for the cover, Mierau rug-hooked a 14,400-stitch self-portrait. "I like the idea of making analogue, physic- www.uptownmag.com al artwork for covers," she explains."The idea came to me as an epiphany. At the studio I was working at, there was an amazing rug hooking of a country scene in the bathroom. I was like, "That's it! That's what I want to do!" It took me a while to figure out how to do it. It's not an incredibly popular thing in Can- ada. And I made the process longer by doing the video." (Yes, she also made a stop-motion video documenting the process.) The added multi-media projects aren't off Jenn Mierau (left); Oldfolks Home be out until early 2013, but Lopez-Aguilar will be playing a bunch of new songs at the Wax Mannequin showtonight. • • • expat Jenn Mierau is also a fearless experi- mentalist. The current Montreal resident Fellow electronic pop artist and Winnipeg composed and recorded her latest album, Hush,completely on her own.A lush tapestry woven from beats, loops, samples, a vintage Wurlitzer organ and Mierau's indelible voice, Hush stays true to its creator's roots. "It's all over the place," she says with a warm laugh, which comes easy and often. brand for an artist who likes to play with layers and techniques; in fact, rug-hooking an album cover directly reflects her music- al process. "You know, I've never thought of it before, but you're totally right," she says. There's that laugh again. For more info see our What's Up entertain- ment listings, beginning on page 12, or online at Uptownmag.com. here, with pine, herbal, lemon rind and melon aromas coming through nicely. It's a fairly creamy IPA,meaning there's some rounder, cara- mel notes to go with the lean, crisp grassy hops flavours. Innis & Gunn Canada Day 2012 Scottish Oak Aged Beer (Scotland;$4.99/330 ml bottle) Very deep gold in colour, the soft vanilla and spice aromas typical of many Innis & Gunn brews are here, as are caramel, melon, date and raisin notes. At 7.7% alcohol, there's certainly some kick, as soft vanilla and caramel flavours are ramped up by higher alcohol, as well as oat and almond notes. This would be a great beer to pair with heartier soups — but get it while you can, as I'm sure it'll soon be gone. Like most wine columnists/judges, Ben MacPhee- Sigurdson is also passionate about beer, and has a hybrid beer-and-wine gut to prove it. Follow him on Twitter at @bensigurdson and/or email him at uncorked@mts.net. Provided photo Silas Chipelski

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